Root-Riot :: Harambee, 500 N. Waller

Root-Riot ::  Harambee
Spring 2011
500 N. Waller, Chicago IL

Located at the corner or Race and Waller in Chicago, this lot is ajoined by The Chicago Fire Department, St. Martins Episcopal Church, St. John Church and Fredrick Douglas Academy.Make a Donation of Any Amount*

Monthly updates and other news and events about the Root Riot Harambee is posted to the “News + Events” area


We are actively seeking donations of  tools and materials at this location.Among the materials needed:

  • Non-Treated- Scrap wood (lengths of 4 feet or greater
  • Garden Tools
  • Garden Hose
  • Screws and or nails
  • landscape fabric
  • Any financial contributions are also appreciated.

If you would like to contribute, please  contact Seamus Ford at 312-213-7824 or email

You can reserve a bed at 500 N Waller via PayPal

Rent 4x8 Plot for 1 yr $40.00

Rent 4×8 Plot for 2 yrs $75.00

Root-Riot Harambee is one garden in the Root-Riot Network. The strength of the project comes from the surrounding institutions who have all engaged in making the 25+ year vacant lot into an amazing community area.The land, loaned from neighboring private land owner, it is surrounded by a Senior Home, CPS Douglass Academy High School, Chicago Fire House, St Martin’s Episcopal Church, St John’s, as well as near the Austin Town hall, Chicago Public Library, and Kay Elementary school.In partnership with Douglass Academy, and Youth Guidance, and the others we work in partnership with local businesses and experts to create positive, hands-on opportunities for people to grow their own food in their own communities while encouraging the development of micro-business to strengthen the community. Our hope is that by doing so we deepen people’s sense of belonging in their community and strengthen the resilience of our society as a whole.Make a Donation of Any Amount*