Goats In the City: Get a firsthand experience of the famous Harambee Goats.  One of the earliest domesticated animals, goats have been providing for human beings for thousands of years. Join us for a chance to participate in a unique project that is exploring the role goats can play in both vacant lots and your own back yard.We have a FACE BOOK PAGE! It would be lovely if you joined. (https://www.facebook.com/RootRiot)  Amy + Seamus 

 Welcome! Spring 2014 Featured Sites

Root-Riot :: Alex Anderson Memorial Garden @ Hephzibah Home 946 North Boulevard, Oak Park, IL 60301Created Spring 2014 Root-Riot :: Ella Flagg Young Chicago Public School 1434 N Parkside Ave, Chicago, IL 60651 1st Build Day May 10, 2014. Root-Riot + GreenScene.
Created Summer of 2013
Root-Riot :: Alex Anderson Memorial Gardene @ Hephzibah Home A team from the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation’s Community Leadership Program enlisted the aid of Root-Riot IMG_3348cropped The Students at Ella Flagg Young in the Beyond the Bell Garden Team and Art Team are coming together with big plans for using a unused part of the school yard as a growing area as well as an Art Display area. … more>

In 2013 summer, Green Scene grew its artistic home! A theater garden in the Uptown, Chicago —   Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden It started as an abandoned lot in Uptown at 4919 North Winthrop . . .

Spring 2014 Garden Registration

Root-Riot: Madison Street Root-Riot: Harambee
500 N. Waller. Chicago, IL Located at the corner or Race and Waller in Chicago 
Root-Riot: Kuumba Tre Ahm
2908 W. Warren Blvd . Chicago, IL Located 4 blocks east of the Garfield Park Dome

CLOSED! We have moved off the Madison Street Lot. If you live in Oak Park and have sunny lot to donate to the community please contact grow@ root-riot.com

Please send an email to join.harambee@root-riot.com to be put on the list, for the upcoming growing season.Learn more about being part of the Root-Riot Community… more>  

Please send an email to kinkdink@comcast.net Learn more about being part of the Root-Riot Community… more>