Who We Are

Who We Are

Root-Riot: A rhizomatically spread network of urban gardens, growing local food, fostering resilience, reweaving the fabric of our community, one planting bed at a time.

Root Riot is an open organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people to learn and discover the joys of growing their own food.  We are a continually expanding network of community gardens and education resources that raise the “food consciousness” of our local communities and the public at large.  Recognizing the impact of the economic and environmental changes that are underway, we work in partnership with local businesses and experts to create hands on opportunities for people to grow their own food in their own communities while encouraging the development of  micro-business to strengthen the community.  Our hope is that by doing so we deepen people’s sense of belonging in their community and strengthen the resilience of our society as a whole.

With two locations as our starting point, we are building growing network of urban gardens as a conduit for sharing, learning, teaching and communication.   We invite you to join us.

What We Do

  • Provide people a place to grow their own food.
  • Create a welcoming spaces for people to learn
  • Mentor gardeners (young and old alike)
  • Empower people to create green economic opportunities for themselves.
  • Inspiring innovating entrepreneurial thinking in the face of today challenges.

Our Principles

  • Local food is a local priority everywhere
  • The cultivation of healthy food is accessible to anyone.
  • Life is local, always has been
  • Draw diverse groups of people together for a common purpose
  • Raise food consciousness
  • Encourage community self-reliance
  • Cause people to think in new ways

Current Locations
838 W. Madison, Oak Park
500 N. Waller, Chicago

Opportunities to Participate

  • Gifting (Business Sponsorship)
  • Mentorship/ Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Hotline (Phone)
  • Materials- Lumber, Soil, Tools, (new or used)
  • Volunteer
  • Building the Gardens
  • Training Others
  • Composting/Creating Soil  (25 b. tons of top soil are lost each year)

3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hi

    I can’t tell from your website who the principals are and I would like to see if we could meet. I am one of the co-Directors of Shawnash Institute, Inc. a nonprofit with a HS curriculum called “Harvest Learning Initiative.” I thought there might be a possible collaborative opportunity between our organizations as the curriculum involves leadership, business, and the business is a garden. It has been very successful in Indiana and we’re moving it to the Chicago area. I can be contacted at rjannsen@csinet.net or 708-703-7623.

    Hope to hear from you!
    Best regards,
    Roberta Jannsen, MA
    Co-Director, Shawnash Institute, Inc.

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