Sustainable Business Exchange

Root Riot is committed to bringing people together to learn about sustainable practices including resilient techniques for successfully growing vegetables.

Look smart and support the Root-Riot gardens at the same time!!.  Root-Riot T shirts have been all the rage and are available for purchase for Root-Riot members and fans alike.  For information…More>
Up-cycled A-Frame Green Houses:
Do you think the cold frames are nice, but they are perhaps to small? Tired of paying for the electricity to start your seedlings? Would like to have more space to get started in the spring with early seedlings.…More>
Cold Frames:
Extend your gardening season with a “mini-green house”.  (Yes that is snow on the ground and lettuce inside!) A great way to support young adults on the West side of Chicago to discover their own entreprenurial sprit.   Root-Riot cold frames are made from nearly 100% repurposed materials by students from Douglas Academy High School and come in a range of sizes.    …More>
Promote Your Ideas and Businesses The Root-Riot  community loves to support new sustainable ideas and businesses. If you have an idea or business that you would like to make people aware of, our sustainable buisness exchange allows you to reach an inspired and engaged audience.  To participate or learn more…More>

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