Pot Luck?

The more we learn about Local Food,  Sustainable issues, Urban Agriculture, Living Local, Thinking Global, Creating Gardens, Meeting People etc… the more interesting things I come across.   We are going to add things we find that may be interested to our larger community.  Let us know what you think, or what you want added here.

–Amy + Seamus

Links to News Articles
:: Ken Dun at City Farm, Chicago Reader
:: City of Chicago Urban Ag Zoning Changes, Chicago Tribune Article
:: City of Chicago Food Systems Report
:: Seeding Chicago
Lawn Care
:: Safe Lawns…>
It is easy to believe that the stuff you put on your lawn doesn’t matter. Think again. And ask your community leaders to think and do differently.
:: Fertilizing plants with pee is the new hotness among organic gardeners. But how to sprinkle it discretely [sic]? Guldkannan Towa is a plastic watering can designed explicitly to hold and pour pee. Gross fact: Pee makes for excellent fertilizer. One study showed that tomato vines fertilized with a urine mixture bore more than 4x as much fruit as plants grown using traditional fertilizer.”

:: It is in the Dirt! Blog article about bacterium in soil found to reduce stress & improve mood & cognitive function by stimulating the release of seratonin. Interesting implications for designers.
Local Food
:: Urban restaurants are raising the roof (literally) to put garden-fresh eats on your plate. (Browntrout, Tallulah,Uncommon Ground on Devon, Carnivale,
:: Near North restaurants growing their own goods (Frontera Grill etc..)
Garden-to-Plate: More Restaurants Grow Their Own (East Cost, Boston ish)

Web sites
:: Urban Food Policy
:: City of Chicago Urban Ag Zoning Changes, Chicago Tribune Article
:: San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance
:: Advocates for Urban Agriculture
:: Urban Habitat Chicago
:: Mike Nowack
:: ….
:: Growing Hope
This is a place in Detroit and the surrounding areas where I did some volunteering as I was studying Landscape Architecture.
:: Growing Power
Seamus and I met on a tour of this place. It inspires us every day. Take a tour if you get a chance
:: ….
:: ….
:: ….
:: ….
:: ….
Other web sites
:: Graceful Cloud Diaries. Book Reviews write these words… sometimes they are true, but frequently,– an overstatement. If you know Seamus or Tracy… This is a “must read!!!!!”
:: Shawnash and the Harvest Learning Initiative
:: Home to Roost: Chicagoland Chicken Consulting
:: Angelic Organics, Learning Center
:: ….
:: ….

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