Learning Calender 2010 (archived)

Film Series:

Nurturing the Mind and Challenging our Understanding.

Currently we are consdering the following films.
Time and Location are TBD


  1. The Power of Community
  2. Pursuit of Happiness
  3. King Corn
  4. Fuel
  5. Wal-Mart The high cost of low cost
  6. Chemical Reaction
  7. Super Size Me
  8. Food Inc
  9. The End Of Suburbia
  10. Fast Food Nation
  11. Big Night
  12. Mad City Chickens
  13. Island Invasion: 400 years of Change

Peak Oil

Please return to http://www.root-riot.com for updated details.

Root Riot is committed to bringing people together to learn about sustainable practices including resilient techniques for successfully growing vegetables.Check back here for the anticipated classes, short lectures, and other learning activities and other events. Instructor handouts and resources are also included below usually a few days after the class. You may also look at the Gardening Resources page for additional information and links. May of the books are locally available at the 

  • Oak Park Library: 834 Lake Street, Oak Park, 708-383-8200
  • Chicago Public Library, Austin Branch: 5615 W. Race Avenue, 312-746-5038.

Upcoming Learning Session

Field Trip: Saturday, July 31 (updated July 28th)

Things have settled into the garden. Don’t you wonder what other gardens are doing? Find a friend or two, and take one of the outlined tours and see what else is going on in and around the Chicago Land Gardens. Two bus tours are now available Read more here…

We need a head count for these tours! Please respond to the evite if you plan on attending! Thanks. Read more here…

Brought to you by the Root Riot Learning Series (posted July 25th)



Harvest Moon Fest: September 18th, time tbd.
Lets take some time and celebrate our first Root-Riot growing season. The Root-Riot Harambee Gardens and the Root-Riot Madison Street Garden get together to enjoy a good old fashion fall feast.


Next Growing Season and Overwintering: Oct
What?! Done so soon? I seemed only yesterday that these little guys were seeds? What can we do now to prepare for next year? Soil fixings? Bed repair? Planning for next season.

Halloween Oct 31, Madison Street: Sunday, during Village trick-or-treat hours
Sunday, Oct 31st we will be at the garden handing out Tricks and Treats. A few folks volunteered to help organize the day, Jen P, DeAnne T, and Jill N. If you would like to help please let them know as “many hands make light work.”


Past Learning Sessions:

Core Learning Sessions:
Root Riot is proud to present our learning series
Learning Session Resources:
notes, articles, things the speakers spoke of…
May: New Gardeners: Course Geared towards getting people familiar with basic Gardening Concepts Such as, 

  • Choosing Plants vs Seeds.
  • How to Planting: To Deep or Not Deep Enough
  • Soil: What do we have in the beds and what do I do with it.
  • Companion Planting: Plants that like to grow together.
  • Water: How much, when and where.
May:New Gardeners Learning Session Resources 

June: Maintaining your bed and plants:When:
Root-Riot Madison: Saturday June 12th at 2:30 PM
Root-Riot Harambee: Sunday, June 13th at 2:30 PM

  • Bugs! The good, the bad, and the maybe ok.
  • Nurturing the soil, adding compost, when and were.
  • Adding plants: lettuces is done. What do I do with that space now?
June: Maintaining your bed and plants Learning Session  

July: Root Riot: Chickens! Fowl? Food? Thursday, July 22, 7:00PM
Local expert Jen Murtoff spoke on raising chickens in an urban environment. The presentations will be about 1/2 hour with a question & answer period to follow. See will bring a couple of her chickens for people to see (and maybe touch). Possible opportunity to then see a chicken coop in the area just a few block away.
Oak Park Garden Resolution: Monday, July 19, 7:30PM?
The Oak Park Board of Trustees is passing the Community Garden Resolution. Everyone is encouraged to attend to show their support. Resolutions are the first order of business so you won’t be there very long. 

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Committee: Saturday July 24 at 1 p.m.

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Committee: The Not-For-Profit (NFP) Committee met on Saturday, July 21st. We are making progress on forming the bi-laws. Thank to Cheryl, K.C. Peter, and Mrs Jones for making the time to participate. (posted July 25th)

Going through this process will help Root Riot define what kind of organization it wants to be and how it wants to be run. Everyone’s input will allow everyone to feel part of the process so please join us for a meeting to discuss the bylaws. Another meeting will be set-up for Mid-August

July Chickens Fowl? Food?  



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