6.June: Getting the Most out of Your Garden

The Root-Riot Learning Session “Getting the Most out of your Garden” was presented on Saturday evening at Root-Riot Harambee by Seamus and Amy.

We would like to acknowledge Peter for all his effort at preparing the class material before and spending the time earlier in the week sharing his wealth of information about gardening  so that we could then share it with the rest of the Root-Riot Regulars.

Pete’s gift of knowledge (as presented by Seamus) to the new gardeners had a wide range of information including, avoiding stress for both the gardener and the plants, some tips on planning and taking care of your garden, companion plants and  pests such as rabbits, bugs, mildew etc. Amy shared some of her knowledge on soil, pH, and fertilizers. And Root-Riot Regular from Harambee, Dean, shared his knowledge on Tomatoes.

( Click here for .pdf)
(Click here for .pdf)
Original Session Outline Including:·

  • Taking care of the Gardener: Water, hats, sunscreen.
  • Water and the tuna can.
  • What to do when various plant’s “bolt” or go to see
  • How to relate to bugs (Friend and Foe Alike)
  • Organic Expectations
Notes on Fertalizer, Soil, and pH:

  • Acid to Base/Akaline
  • Soils in Chicago,
  • NPK-the fertilizer numbers,

A word or Two about Tomatoes and Suckers

  • Growing,
  • Pinching,
  • Determent
  • Indeterminate

(For the Tomato part, you had to be there to hear it from Dean. We don’t have any notes on it.)


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