Growing Calender by Month

Whew! What a great year for the Learning Session team! From Getting started sessions to Putting your Bed to rest, including bus tours to other gardens, and a traveling Harvest Fest from Root-Riot Harambee, to Root-Riot Madison. Indeed much was shared with our friends and family and growing partners about all things growing! Great Job Team!
As classes are taught we post information about the classes for future use. The original Instructor and field date are include. In 2012 we hope to add more videos to the site.

May: First Time Gardener

June: Seasonal and Successive Plantings (.doc)

June: June Pest Control, No Chemical

June:Getting the Most out of Your Garden

June: Maintenance Lessons

July: Chickens! Fowl? Food?

November: The Winter Garden

Other: Film Series


One thought on “Growing Calender by Month

  1. Hello,

    I would appreciate someone from Root Riot contacting me about Peter Jaffe-Notier. He was scheduled to teach a class here at the Oak Park Conservatory and I understand that he is in the hospital. I am looking for a substitute instructor. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.

    Henrietta Yardley

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