Get Involved 2010 (archived)

There are groups forming at each of the Gardens and at the Network Level.  Interested in getting involved? Look below for things that are interesting to you and help make it happen.  One of the best ways to learn is to volunteer to do something you have never done before. Pick something new and give it a try.

Root-Riot: Network Level

Root-Riot: Madison Street Garden

Root-Riot: Harambee Gardens

Get involved in figuring out the paper work, writing the bi-laws, in general getting us set-up to help other folks strengthen community and create conversations about living in resilient communities etc. 

T-Shirts:Can something as simple as t-shirts make a difference? We think so. Help us get the word out about Root-Riot. Get involved in a Root-Riot branding exercise. Ordering t-shirts for kids, adults, women and children. We have the name of a promotions company who is interested in working with us. Hansi

Growing New Gardens?:
The work we have done with Root-Riot: Harambee and Root-Riot: Madison Street, has generated a lot of interest, and a lot of learning, pass on what you know to others and be a Liaison to an new neighborhood team and help them get set-up for next spring.

Harvest Fest:
A day of celebration of the wonder of a community getting together and sharing. Help select, plan, involved others in creating a festive day for the Root-Riot Regulars as well as others who are interested in learning about who we are and what we are doing.

Swapping Seeds?
Are folks interested in swapping a sharing some seeds? For instance, Do you want to get one or two squash vines going, but don’t want to buy a whole packet – What is the going rate for one squash plant if you are paying in nasturtium seeds? Perhaps at one of our next get-together we could bring seed we might share or swap (maybe with the backs of the packets photo copied) and see how things go…. (Also, if you coordinate it with the Creative Mulch Mounds group you will have a place to put the squash! I see some more creative decorating!)

Winter Learning Sessions?
Louise and Sandra are going like gang busters with the summer session… how about helping out with the winter session. Maybe a reading session with the Jeavons book may be a good book to read as a group over the winter. Or what about Menu for the future? A very interesting web site and group course that explores the connection between food and sustainability. Or maybe you have some other ideas. It could be a start of something great!

Shade Structure:
Wondering what happened to the lovely awning that you see in the sketch? I do too. Let’s get a group going on figuring some creative financing strategies for our shade structure—  be it  how to twist an arm or twisting some dough for a bake sale. Peter  

Root-Riot: Madison Opening Day and who is planning for it? When is it. What fun filled actives are we doing? Hansi

Compost Area Cleanup:
Wondering why the “compost area” has a big pile of mulch and dirt in it? So am I. Step right up to a once in a year opportunity at Root-Riot Madison to Creative Garden Decorating With Mulch Mounds. When the mulch is moved, voila! Room for the compost area! Dane

Composting Crew:
Well once we have a Composting area, then we will have to maintain it! Be one of the Compost Keepers and learn about what goes in and what stays out. Learn about tossing, tumbling, and watering, through go old trial and error. Dane

The bird sanctuary?
We have big plans for the area in the back to dress up the bird sanctuary… Some mulch mounds (Hum, wonder were that idea came from?), some native grasses, a decorative native-ish tree, a bird bath, and well what do you know? A little piece of heaven in the corner of the garden. Sign up to help Stephanie.

Other topic include, “What ARE three-sister mounds? How can we get the boy and girl scouts involved? Harvest-Fest Planning? Adopt a block? Painting beds? Etc.

Site Furnishings:
Benches, seating, bike rack? What would make Root-Riot: Madison Street a nice comfy place you could hang out at while the hot July sun is beating down on the plants and you told your family you just had to get over to the Garden! Get involved in securing heavy duty, I-can’t-be-taken-from-the-site, community gathering furniture finding.

Creating Flower Bed Over the next several weeks there will be flower beds planted created and we are looking for donations of  perennials .  Please contact Dean Nickerson with if you would like to support with time or materials. 773-447-9554 

Creating Flower Bed Over the next several weeks there will be flower beds planted created and we are looking for donations of  perennials .  Please contact Dean Nickerson with if you would like to support with time or materials. 773-447-9554

Summer Movie Series (pdf) Nurturing the Mind and Challenging our understanding of the world

Harambee Prairie A couple of folks are interested in creating Prairie in part of the Harambee site. This work will not begin for a few months (Sept to Oct), but let us know if you are interested working on this.

Installing a Fence: The Chicago Park District was kind enough to loan us a fence for the summer and we will be installing it on Sunday June 13th starting at 11 am. at 500 N. Waller .

3 thoughts on “Get Involved 2010 (archived)

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  2. I missed the deadline to rent a space at the Harambee Gardens but have been taking notes and keeping watch for potential vandalism, etc.. I am a science teacher with a Biology degree and have been an environmentalist for over 20 years. I have also directed many projects with schools, community groups and the State DNR (MN) in the areas of environmetal issues. Of concern as I study your gardens is the lack of natural pollinators ie bees and butterflies. For the amount of flowering vegatation that you have, there should be more. The growth of some vegtables can be directly impacted by the lack of them. I’d like to try to volunteer in some compacity in the future. I was told by Chis, Dean, Ilena G., that I should get in contact with Shamus. Thanks.

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