New Sites.

We are working with several interested groups for new 2011 Root-Riot Community Gardens in Forest Park and locations on the west side of Chicago.  

If you are interested in developing a garden in your Chicagoland community, please contact us at


5 thoughts on “New Sites.

  1. Hi-

    I have lived in River Forest for two years and so far, no community gardens exist!:( I have a great location that I think is publically owned and could be used for such a purpose. I was given info about you guys from the OP conservatory. Although I plan to garden via Forest Park’s garden, I would like to be considered for yours as well, in case there are no plots left in FP.


  2. Ruth, I have helped (very little) at Madison St. last year, OP site with a friend’s plot, and my own backyard (20+ years), but I have started a Dominican Community garden at the Priory. We are still trying to figure it all out in terms of “partners”, right now it is faculty, staff and students, but I would love to show it to you. We are donating some of the extra produce to the Food Pantry. My name is Monica and my number at work is 708-714-9007 if you would like a tour! M

  3. how do i go about petitioning for a community garden? do i need the help of others or can i just go to my city and ask?
    thats direct action and true democracy if you ask me?
    cypress, california

  4. Hello! I am new to the area, and I see that the Madison location may be no longer? Will there be a location for the 2014 season with beds to rent?? I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope =)

    • No go for the 2014 season at the Madison Street Garden… but you can always get a plot at Harambee in Austin.

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