Harambee Garden- Welcome to the 2019 Season

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a great winter. It was long and as we Midwesterners like to say, character building, but it is finally safe to plant. If you have not already, please get busy.

There are a few things to let you know about this year.


After years of the using the property with the permission of private owners, the non-profit NeighborSpace intends to buy the land and put it into a trust. Thus creating a permanent legacy for our work over the years. They are currently under contract with Dale Barnard the owner of the land and we have been working with them to raise money to complete the purchase. It is possible to make tax deductible donations to NeighborSpace at this address http://tinyurl.com/HarambeeGarden

Once the land is owned by NeighborSpace it will make it possible to create many long desired improvements to the land. You can see some of the ideas we have been talking about visualized in the video on the attached landing page.

At some point this summer we will be having a social fundraiser to facilitate the completion of this purchase.

Planning Meeting

Meeting in the garden to do some clean up and plan some workdays. I am proposing this 6pm on this Thursday evening at the garden. Please respond to this email to let me know if you are able to make it.

Claiming/ Re-Claiming your Box

If you are a returning gardener and are reclaiming your bed for this season, please let Maria Sorrel know as soon as possible. mariasorrell.

If you are a first time gardener, please let Maria or I know and we will get you set up with a box as quickly as possible.

Glenn Art Farm

Please keep an eye out in the Chicago Reader for a profile on our partner Glenn Art Farm. +Look for the cover of the Chicago Reader within the next two weeks. GlennArt Farm will be there and we have the above link published for donations.

Also- Carolyn has placed 4 bags of aged manure in the staging area (in the northeast corner of the garden) that anyone is welcome to use in their garden beds.

More to come soon!

See you in the Garden.



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