SCHEDULE CHANGE!!!! PLEASE NOTE Re: Root Riot Harambee and Goatapalooza

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for this last minute change.

Due to the poor weather Goat a Palooza has been postponed to June 10. ALSO due to the weather, we are moving the workday to tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

We will be finishing the beds we started two weeks ago.



On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 10:33 AM, Seamus Ford <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

This is just a reminder of the workday tomorrow (May 20) at Harambee. The workday was scheduled for between 9am and 11am but I am inviting you to come early.

The workday will coincide with Goatapalooza and event to showcase the goat herd and educate people about raising livestock in the city.

Goatapalooza will run from 8am until 2pm and will include a milking, feeding and teaching as well as a yoga class that will be held in the pasture next to the garden (Goat Yoga- yes it is actually a thing).

You can see details here.–events.html

See you tomorrow!!


Seamus Ford
Co-Founder Root Riot Urban Garden Network


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