Harambee Update

Hello Everyone,

Our impromptu workday at Harambee this past Saturday was very productive. We were able to dig trenches and bury two water lines so that there is now a hose station on both the east and west ends of the garden.

In addition we recieved over 400 cinder blocks which people can now use to replace their beds. This will slightly change the way we are collecting fees for the garden this year. This will allow beds to be considerably deeper. (up to 16 inches.)

We are charging $1.25 for each cinderblock used for your bed. To give you an idea it will take 36 blocks to replace the older 4×8 wooden beds. That being said, if space allows and you want to make your bed bigger or combine two beds, you can use more blocks and have a larger bed.

If however, you are renting a bed that is made out of wood and you don’t want cinder blocks then the fee will just be $40.

If you are planning on gardening this year and do not have a bed assinged please contact Maria Sorrell at mariasorrell. She will get you situated with a bed.

Our next workday is going to be Sunday May 7th, from 3-5pm. By that time, we will have at least 5 more yards of soil delivered.

Also please remember that we have declared Tuesday nights to be Garden night. All this means is that we are encouraging everyone to come out on tuesday nights to work on their plots and give us a chance to visit inbetween workdays.



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