The Goat Gaurdian Guild – Sunday April 29th


The following invitation comes from Root-Riot friend and partner Carolyn Ioder.   For the last several years she has been building a herd of milking goats that divide their time between Harambee and Garfield Park.  She is inviting people to partipate in the Goat Gaurdian Guild and learn the skill joys of raising milking goats.  It is one of the more novel things you can do in Chicago.

The Goat Guardian Guild serves as a club that allows members to learn and participate in the nurturing of goats for milk in Chicago. To date we have six goats with three bred. Guild members participate in various ways. Some member like milking goats or learning how to milk goats, others just wish to buy milk at a discount. Others enjoy the garden and pasture work of goats.

On April 28 we will coordinate with the Root Riot Harambee Community Garden for a Fence Fix day. What is the purpose? To celebrate spring working outdoors, preparing gardens, and in the pasture by the garden, updating the fences. Goats are hard on fences, so we need to fix escape routes.
The Root Riot Community Garden and the Goat Pasture are located on the same lot on Waller street between Lake and Race in Chicago. My suggestion is that you park on Midway Park and walk to the garden. My address is 5749 West Midway Park to orient your gps or google map.
The schedule is as follows:
4-6 p.m. Fence fixing includes moving fences, pounding posts, tightening fence systems, spreading amended hay, seeding grasses, clearing areas of garbage and vegetation. Goats will be available for feeding and petting.
6-7 p.m. Goat Gathering provides guild sign up, gardening discussions and answers questions and interest. One note of interest is when the goat babies come. More information will be provided at this time. We have picnic tables to chat and enjoy the evening (I am praying for friendly weather 🙂 ).
Munchies available: Goat cheese, bread, sandwich spreads and ice cream.
You are invited to any or all of the activities of the event.

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