Composting. Please help us.

The single most conversational issue in the garden at Root-Riot Madison has been the Compost bins. If you have been to the Root-Riot Madison Garden you know that  big green tumbler is our well loved “bin”.

While we have this entirely welcoming and engaging group of people contributing to composting by adding material, it seems like the independent thinkers in our group are perhaps becoming overly flexible in how they are participating.

I’ve recently received a correspondence from the Composting Crew and have posted it below. Please review the following and continue to respectfuly participate in the composting process.


The Composting Crew Needs your Help

  • We do not have the equipment to compost large material or items that are difficult to compost. 
    • For our purposes, the harder the material, the smaller it should be.
    • While technically, avocado and stone fruit pits may be compostable, these will take way too long. Please do not add these.
    • If you want to compost your corn cobs, please cut them into 1 – 1.2″ pieces.
    •  Softer material, vines and such, should be cut into 2, 3 or 4″ segments.
    • We particularly welcome egg shells. However, it is best if you let egg shells dry and then crush them so that great calcium is better distributed throughout our compost. Otherwise, we’ll just end up with a bunch of big pieces of egg shell laying around here and there.

Please do not expect the composting crew to break down the material produced by your gardening activity.

Finally, you probably already know this; but, weeds that have developed seeds or any plant material that you suspect is diseased should not be composted. Please put them in the garbage dumpster, buy the alley.

Also, No inorganic material – no twist ties and no nylons.



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