Root-Riot: Madison Street: June 2011

Urban Garden Network

Madison Street 2011 Growing Season is
Growing, Growing, Growing
June, 2011

Things have really taken off this year! For “Charter” members, they will remember that by this time last year most of us only had their plants in the ground for a few weeks and we were wondering if they were going to grow.With all the rain this year, things have really taken off well! So nice to walk around and see all the different things that have been planted.

Saturday Community day? There was an effort afoot to have a Community work day at the garden this Saturday, but I didn’t coordinate with the Village soon enough to get wood chips delivered. Let’s plan on doing it Saturday, July 16th. We will make it a small tent raising party! I’ll bring red cool-aid and some refreshing munchies while we assemble the tent. (And perhaps use our new picnic table!) Then we can move some mulch around as well. Same time as usual, 8:00 to noon-ish. Come when you can. Leave when you need to. Bring your friends, children, neighbors… hope to see you there.

Root-Riot Harambee have invited us to join their Community day, this Sat June 25th  from 4-7pm| We will be offering a class on Maximizing the Potential of your Plants at 5:00pm.  at Harambee. There are also about 8 to 10 beds that need dirt and we will be working to fill them up. I’d encourage folks to come out if you can. Harambee is an amazing place! So different than Root-Riot Madison. You should stop on over. If nothing else, come see the goats.

For Sale? Who put that there? As all of you know, the owners are trying to sell the land. I don’t know what the taxes are on the property, but I am sure it isn’t cheap. They are more aggressivly trying to sell the land and hence the new sign. As they pretty much put it spot on exactly where I was going to put the Root-Riot sign, I’ll have to regroup a bit and go with a series of smaller signs. I’ll bring mock-ups on the July 2nd work day and get your input to them.

Cistern: The cistern was out of water last week. The Village is committed to filling the tank once a week on Friday so if you notice by mid-day on Friday that there is no water, then send off an email or text to me and I’ll let them know.

Angies Angel Dust Composter has been getting quite the work out this year. I was over there last week and it looks like it is making us some good compost! We also have a new tumbler compost right next to it. The general idea is when Angie gets filled, It is then “closed” for a few weeks and we start using the other one.

Also, those black “buckets” that are filled with Compost under Angie? Yes thoses. That you almost trip over? Please take them and use the compost in your beds. Just “sprinkle” the compost in the area where you can and let nature do the rest. I’m telling you, this stuff will make your plants so happy!

We will get some laminated signs soon to help explain it. Be sure to thank Dean and Nicole when you see them for their help.

Common schedule   posted on the web site take a look at it (under the “Garden location” tab).  The idea was to meet once a month. I’ll back on the “Organizing bandwagon” and we will get those going once again.

Learning Sessions: We have had several great meetings about the Root-Riot Learning Sessions and have outlined a list of educational events to go along with the Community days/workdays. We will get that posted and make a better effort to communicate it to you. Please take a look at it when it is posted and come out and enjoy the events.

Kids? in the garden? this year?  Just remember to keep an eye out for them in a couple key ways. That back alley seems almost like part of our back yard, but the cars do zoom by. Same with Madison St, but somehow that is more expected. Also if there is any sharp metal pokey thing sticking out out of your garden bed, the fearless leader of the “I-don’t-like-sharp-poky- things” will be lurking about the garden looking for thinks to keep her busy. Be responsible. Make sure it is a safe environment for everyone.
Dogs? General rule is that they are not allowed in the garden. Please if you do bring them, tie them up along the fence in the front or back at the edge of the property.
Thanks for putting a stick in it please! The current green fancy bamboo stick is very nice! Thanks for remembering to keep the shed “locked”

Empty beds: Two of the beds have recently been “reassigned” so you will see new plants it it. Bed 19 should end up with a few of the German pink tomatoes, and then lots of room for herbs… the herbs are going to come from a Learning Session class where we get to mix herbs and drinks! Now doesn’t that sound yummie!

Thank You!!  Thanks for participating, and if you see someone you don’t know. Take the time to say hello and find out who they are. We all should all know each other by the end of the summmer.

Keep on Root-Rioting + See you in the Garden

Amy Beltemacchi
Co-Founder Root-Riot Urban Garden Network
Seamus Ford
Co-Founder Root-Riot Urban Garden Network
Root-Riot: A rhizomatically spread network of urban gardens, growing local food, fostering resilience, creating community, one planting bed at a time.

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