Beekeeping in Oak Park

Oak Parkers: Come to the aid of honeybees, and help your garden grow, too.

For decades, Oak Park has had a ban on beekeeping–it’s considered a nuisance under village code. But that may change. Oak Park’s Village Board of Trustees will soon begin to consider amending the ordinance prohibiting beekeeping.

As a gardener, you likely already know that honeybees are hard-working, beneficial insects who are responsible for up to one-third of all crop pollination. You may also know that honeybees have not fared well in the last few years, with challenges like mites, viruses, pesticides, monoculture, and global warming. Hobbyist beekeepers, using organic practices, may be key to the bees’ survival.

Here’s how you can help. The Village Board of Oak Park needs to hear that you support beekeeping in the village. You can email the entire board at:, or contact members individually via this page:

One last thing: If you are interested in learning more about urban beekeeping, the Oak Park Conservatory is hosting a class on the subject Saturday, June 11, from 10 a.m. to noon. Learn more here:



One thought on “Beekeeping in Oak Park

  1. Beekeeping is a great idea for Oak Park. I hope the village will change the code to support it. Those of us without the time or room to take up beekeeping can do our part by planting plenty of bee-attracting flowers in order to provide good nectar-gathering opportunities.

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