The Hosta Happening; A Heifer Foundation Event

The Hosta Happening

Rich’s Foxwillow Pines
11618 McConnell Rd., Woodstock, IL 60098
815-338-7442 or
Saturday, June 11, 2011
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Hosta Happening has hundreds of varieties of hostas for sale to benefit Heifer Foundation. All hostas one gallon or smaller are $5.00!  Heifer International (HI) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending world hunger and poverty and caring for the earth.  HI provides livestock, trees, training, and other resources to help struggling families build sustainable futures. The recipients of the animals must ‘pass on the gift’ of the first female offspring and training in environmentally sound agriculture to another family in need. In this manner, an endless cycle of transformation is set in motion as recipients become equal partners in ending poverty and hunger. Heifer International has provided food and income producing animals to more than 8.5 million impoverished families in 125 countries in the last 67 years. 

Volunteers and staff will be available to answer any questions about Heifer International and Heifer Foundation on the day of the sale. They hope to sell out on the 11th, but if not, they’ll be selling the rest all summer.  They need volunteers between now and then. Refreshments will be served. 

All proceeds benefit Heifer Foundation
Sponsored by:  Rich Eyre, Susan Eyre, and Margaret Eyre (93 year old ‘Hosta Queen’)

Rich Eyre worked with this organization in the Peace Corps 43 years ago in Bolivia and he can give testimony to its positive effects in those communities. Rich and Susan Eyre served 6 years on the Board of Trustees of the Heifer Foundation.  Margaret Eyre, the Hosta Queen, coordinates volunteers to help divide and sell the hostas.


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