Sustainability and Community Resilience Presentation February 2nd

Sustainability and Community Resilience

Healthy Food Hub Market Day

Sat. Feb. 5th, 12-2

7823 S. Ellis, Chicago IL

(enter from the rear parking lot)

This past summer, you may have heard different people talking about the Healthy Food Hub CSA and wondered what it is all about. 

One of the reasons that the local food movement is getting so much media attention these days has its roots in increasing energy costs.  Depending on how far it has traveled, transportation costs can make up to 70% of the cost of the food we eat.  Increasing energy prices are going to have a direct effect on the cost of food, particularly fresh produce since so much of it is grown thousands of miles away. Only a small percentage of food grown in Illinois is sold directly from the farm to consumers.

This Saturday February 5th, Root Riot Members are invited to join in a discussion on the topic of community resilience.   Like food, almost every aspect of the way we live is tied to energy and our ability to move people and goods across long distances. 

As energy prices increase, changes to the way we live will be inevitable.   This presentation and discussion on community resilience is an opportunity to look more closely and critically at the ways in which these changes will affect you and your communities.

The presentation portion will be delivered by Fred Carter the executive director of the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Living located in Pembroke Township.   Following the presentation, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and network with other people who are interested in making their local communities more resilient.

In addition, to the Community Resilience presentation, your visit will also be an opportunity to visit the Healthy Food Hub CSA that is doing great work to bring fresh locally grown food to under-served communities in Chicago.  

The term CSA stands for community supported agriculture and the typical model involves one farm and many individual subscribers.   The Healthy Food Hub connects consumers with numerous farmers while providing a powerful incentive for more farmers to grow fresh produce in Illinois.  Presently, 97% of agricultural products grown in Illinois leave the state to enter into a vast long distance food-manufacturing process. 

While you are there you will also have an opportunity to place orders for  bulk dry goods .


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