Root-Riot Harambee’s Youngest Gardener

This is Grace.  She is 11-years-old and the youngest Root-Riot Harambee gardener.  Grace has tended to her garden the entire season and participated in scheduled work days.  She has persevered when some have given up and others have abandoned their gardens.   Because of her dedication, Grace has been nominated as GreenNet’s “Community Youth Gardener of the Year.”


This season Grace harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, zinnias, tomatillos, sunflowers, etc., from her garden!!!     She’s disappointed that her pumpkin plant didn’t produce any pumpkins.


“I loved planting the plants in the spring and watching how big they got in the fall” she says.  Grace is looking forward to being a Root Riot Harambee gardener next year!


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