Root-Riot Madison Street 8/29: Compost, Harvest Fest, + T-shirts.

Spiffing up the garden wet well yesterday morning in the wee hours of the day.

Most of the weeds are pulled, and the compost has been tidied up. Thanks to all who came out and helped.

Harvest Moon Fest: September 18th, time tbd.
Lets take some time and celebrate our first Root-Riot growing season and get together to enjoy a good old fashion fall feast. Planning day is Sept 2nd, 7:00pm at the garden.

Meeting date changes The monthly meeting for September has been canceled. We will be having  a Harvest Planning meeting on Thursday, September 2nd. As you know the growing season is ending and the days are getting shorter. As the fall season comes to an end, we would like to gather together and reflect on our first year. Most of you know that ‘reflecting’ takes a bit of planning, so come out on Thursday and help us figure out what we would like to do. We have lots of familes in the garden and I’d like to figure out games and activities for the kids as well. Think about what we want to do and help make it happen.

Couple notes on compost!

  • The large tumbler is sealed! Do not put any other material in the tumbler. It will take two to three weeks for it to compost. For the strong handed, please do make a point of turning it once in a while.
  • Until the Round composter is available, No kitchen scraps. We need to minimize the opportunity for Rodent life in the garden for the next few weeks. For new material, put it in the garbage can I will bring over later today. And make sure you put the lid on it. Also, do your best to break up the material into small pieces. Throwing whole veggies, such as carrots and potatoes takes to long to compost. Break it up: cut, ripped, torn, snapped, squished, squashed are all welcome.
  • We have put the results of our previous composing efforts in buckets under the white tent. There are two types:
    • 1.) Compost. To be worked into the soil and used as a soil amendment.
    • 2.) Mulch. Laid on top of the soil to maintain moisture, soil temperature and keep weed down.
    • Currently compost and mulch are being offered on a first come first serve basis. Don’t be greedy, but don’t be shy. Use the materials as you think best, there will be more in a few week.

Weeding the paths and mulching:
Please remember to take care of the areas around your beds. The mulch can, and should, be spread around to make a nice walking area. Take from the small mulch mounds and spread them into the depression. Same idea with the weeds. Pull out the weeds in the paths when you see them. Don’t let them get to big.

T-Shirts are in! For the Root-Riot Harambee Dedication we managed to surprise the Harambee team with these amazing Root-Riot t-shirts designed by Root-Riot Regular Tony. As an initial public/private offering, we would like to sell the t-shirts for $12.00 a piece or 2 for $25.00.  They come in two colors, a light and bright green  as well as a lovely tan.  Please help support the efforts of the Garden. For Reoot-Riot Madison, the proceeds from the t-shirts will cover the cost of the lovely canopy, as well as the fees for the web site hosting. For Root-Riot Harambee, it helps support the effort of the Douglas School Academy students as well as purchased for small items for the garden. I’ll post a picture on the web site later today of your two choices.

Green Community Connections: Tues, Sept 7, 2010
A Community Conversation brought to you by Sally Stovoville and Dick Alton, Root-Riot Harambee Regulars. “How to forward sustainability efforts in our community, we are inviting you to attend Green Community Connections: a forum for sustainability advocates.” More…

Thanks folks!

Respect the Barrier
Be kind
Help out

Amy Beltemacchi

Root-Riot: A rhizomatically spread network of urban gardens, growing local food, fostering resilience, creating community, one planting bed at a time.


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