Root Riot Update for July 24th.

Following 7 inches of rain overnight here is a quick (water soaked) update of what is going on in the Root Riot Network:

Harambee Workday Sunday 7/25   2:00PM

                We  are expecting cooler weather for this day.  Planned projects

  • Reconnecting the fence
  • Moving the mulch out of the way
  • Preparing the second flower bed
  • We are also going to be doing some general clean up of the site in preparation for being featured on a garden walk.

Chicken Class

                Jen Murtoff taught a wonderful beginner class on raising chickens at Harambee on Thursday night.  We had about 10 people in attendance with lots of questions, up close and personal encounters with two lovely chickens and a tour of a neighborhood chicken coop.   If you were not able to attend the class or have been thinking about joining the Chicken Nation, we invite you to schedule a coaching session with Jen.  You can learn more about Jen and her tremendous knowledge by visiting her website at  Thank you to Sandra and Louise for arranging Jennifer’s visit.

The message of Root-Riot is spreading

We have talked to three separate groups who are interested in starting a root riot!  Forest Park, Humbold Park and another West Side Chicago garden.

Water, Water Everywhere

Root Riot Madison is having their cistern filled regularly on Friday mornings. Thanks again to the Village of Oak Park for helping make us successful.

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Committee:

The Not-For-Profit (NFP) Committee is looking for participation to formalize the root-riot bilaws. Going through this process will help Root Riot define what kind of organization it wants to be and how it wants to be run. Everyone’s input will allow everyone to feel part of the process. Please review the attached draft bylaws and think about which committee you might like to serve on in the future.

West Side Garden Tour

Shrub Donations

We are still in the running for a donation of shrubs.  We will be notified sometime after Aug 15th and are hoping to get enough of the shrubs to be able to sell to raise money for Harambee.

European Television Program

The program wound up being fairly short  but several root riot members were included in the piece as well as footage of Harambee.   If you speak French or German you will enjoy this piece:

Harambee Dedication Day Aug 15th  at 3pm

We are in the planning stages at this point, but we are preparing for a dedication event for the Harambee Garden on August 15th at 3:00pm.   We have our Alderwoman Deborah Graham in attendance and we have a maybe from Governor Quinn.

Garden Tour 7/31

Field Trip: Saturday, July 31 Things have settled into the garden. Don’t you wonder what other gardens are doing. Find a friend or two, and take one of the outlined tours and see what else is going on in and around the Chicago Land Gardens.
We need a head count! Please respond to the evite if you plan on attending! Thanks.

Black Oaks Tour

Presently we are considering August 24th as a day for Root Riot to visit the Black Oaks Center  in Pembrooke Township.  This would be a great opportunity for us to learn as a community.   We will keep you informed as we get more of the details formulated.


Please remember that garden meetings take place the second Monday (Madison) and Wednesday (Harambee) each month.   This will be August 9th for Madison and August 11th for Harambee.  Both meetings will begin at 7PM.

See you in the Gardens!!

Seamus & Amy


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