Root-Riot: Madison Street 6/17 update

Click 06/12/2010 Monthly Agenda (pdf)

Great, great, meeting on Monday night! Thanks so much for your time, energy and effort. What a creative and diverse group of people.  Love it! Thanks to those who were “gently volunteered,” the folks who just jumped right in, as well as all of you who self organized into the groups. This is a very nice group to be a part of.

I attached the meeting notice with the agenda over on the side here… In general, this is what we did:

  • General opening comments and discussion points
  • Reviewed the suggested teams and then formed groups. We talked in groups for about a half hour and then each group shared with the larger team what they talked about.
  • We went home with our heads spinning with the delightful time we had. (Kind of like dreaming of Sugar Plum Fairies but not quite.)
Topics of Discussion
1. Root Riot Regular Roster updates
2. Workday Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00
3. Web Site updates. Looking good!
4. Get Involved! Boy did everyone take that seriously!
5. Watering
6. Paperwork
7. Kids
8. Pets: Only on the edges
9. OPRF Garden Club is the 26th
10. Pictures on the web, and first names only
11 Learning Sessions
12. Harvest Fest and the Harvest Moon
13. Shed, shed, shed… arriving any day now.
14. Root-Riot Graphics

1. Roster: apologies for the mis-communication.
We agreed at the meeting to publish the basic contact info for everyone. We then agreed to the right password at the meeting, but I sent out the wrong one. (Check your email version with the correct password). Send any corrections or updates to me. The complete list of participants is included on the roster. Since that meeting Sarah (#11) and Nicole (#39) have joined. If you see them, help them get comfortable and show them around the place.

I’ve updated it with who is on what group. Please take no offense if I got it wrong, I had to do it from memory and we all know how tricky that can be.  Drop me an e-mail with any changes you need.

2. Workday Saturday:
Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 ish. Lots of mulch moving, to do. Bring wheel barrels, pitch forks, shovels, good study shoes. If it is raining on Saturday, let’s get together on Sunday same time and place. And don’t stress if you can’t make it on Sunday.

Let’s also schedule another work day for Saturday the 26th! (Which is also OPRF Garden club walk day!) For the folks who were not at the meeting, please come and help out and meet your neighbors and get involved in one of the groups. (Kids are more than welcome to join any of the groups, or suggest one’s of their own.)

3. Web Site updates. Looking Good:
The web site is going under a bit of visual update. We just needed a cleaner look along with better navigation to the second-level pages… it is getting there…  expect more tweaks as time goes by.

4. Get Involved:
I’ll update the “Get Involved” page with emails and names of the leaders so that any of the Root-Riot Regulars who were not at the meeting can make decisions about how to participate. (And maybe add an additional team or two having to do with chickens, children, coffee and chocolate, as well as native plant signs and artwork.)

  • Not-for-profit: Cherryl
  • Opening Day +T-Shirts +:  Hansie
  • Water Cistern Beautification: Ursula
  • Shade Structure: Pete
  • Compost Area Cleanup + Composting Crew: Dane + Ben
  • Chocolate and Coffee compost material; Deanne
  • The bird sanctuary: Stephanie
  • Oak Park 4th of July Parade: Anna
  • Native plant signs + Harambee Prairie: Ginger
  • Site Furnishings: The beginnings: Laura (bike rack, Allen wine crate seating)

5. Watering:
We all agreed that we would make little signs that could be put in a garden plot when folks are away or need help watering. That way, all the garden helpers efforts will be appropriately directed and appreciated. Also, let’s all help each other remember to test the soil before we water. Our Learning Session Educator Peter advises “Stick your finger in and check the soil. If it is dry an inch down, then water the soil, not the plants. ( The Village will also laminate the sign for us. Hooray Village!)

6. Paperwork:
Connie and I met on Tuesday evening. Most of the paper work is good to go. Connie is getting ready to send copies of your forms to the address on your forms. Just keep an eye out for it. Then you have a copy and so do we. The lawyers will like that.

7. Kids:
Kids are allowed and welcomed! If you did not sign a waiver form for your child or children, or co-Gardeners please do. Print a copy off (attached to this email), put the name of your children at the bottom of the sheet and then put in in a zip lock bag and put in my bed (#38)or the Connie’s bed (#17), or drop it off at my house.

8. Pets:
Just to reiterate the bi-laws… Pets are not allowed. Animals appropriately watered/and shaded on  the “Just ouside the Root-Riot Garden and not too close to any of the entrances” are welcomed.

9. OPRF Garden club is the 26th.
I’ll follow up and see if we can participate. We would need volunteer to work that day it all comes together.

10. Pictures on the Web:
We have agreed to using the fist names of people when posting pictures. This includes kids and adults. Drop me an email if you have concerns.

11. Learning Sessions:
These are really motivating and informative! Please mark down the dates and try to make them. Also, there was an offer to do a kids session. How fun will that be! Additionally a group of us met Wednesday night and are moving forward with the movie series. We are thinking every other Tuesday. We will update the “Learning Calender” so you can see what what we have in mind.

12. Harvest Fest:
General discussion was that either of weekends following the start of school would be good. Harvest moon is Sept 8th a Wednesday. (Thanks Sally Simmel!)

13. Shed
Finally arriving Friday night! How exciting is that!

14: The Creative graphics team:
Waters signs did you say? Video? Stencils we can use to spray paint our wine crates? I’m getting it together to send out..

Amy Beltemacchi

Root-Riot: A rhizomatically spread network of community gardens, creating community, fostering friends, growing local food, one planting bed at a time.


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