Root Riot: Madison Update 6/6/10

Update 6.6.10

Well, well. If you saw the place a month ago, you would hardly recognize it now. How different it looks now. Love the way each of the beds are developing their own character and identity! With all the rain, the plants are thriving.  More and more folks are stopping by just to see what is going on.

On the Village Front:

I’ve been in contact with the Village and have requested the planters be put along the back edge. We should see those going in in the next week or so. They also know about the drippy cistern. I’m not sure what the plans are for fixing it, but I think they may be waiting for more of the water to be used up first.  Also Keep Oak Park Beautiful has donated some additional funds to the Root-Riot: Madison Street Garden. Current thought is to us it for a large picnic table. We can talk more about how they will be spent at the monthly meeting.

Another educational session is in the Works!
Sandra and Louise are setting up another Session on June 12th and 13th in each of the gardens. Look for another email from soon.

Root Riot-Madison Street Meeting, Monday, June 14th
All of you should have received the evite for  Root-Riot: Madison Street meeting Monday 6/14 @ 7:00 pm. If not, either check your spam or let me know and I will send it out again. As most of you have noticed, there are still things to work on. Please bring you thoughts and ideas to the meeting and we will decide what to rally around next and how to get it done.

Summary list for Root-Riot: Madison

  • Cistern Area Beautification Project.
  • Summer Learning Schedule
  • Creative Financing Strategies for Our Shade Structure
  • I-Can’t-be-taken-from-the-site community Gathering Furniture
  • Creative Garden Decorating with Mulch Mounds
  • Bird Sanctuary with Native trees and Grasses

Other topic include, “What ARE three-sister mounds? How can we get the boy and girl scouts involved? When is Root-Riot: Madison Opening Day and who is planning for it? Harvest-Fest Planning? Adopt a block? Painting beds? What is a good day to spread mulch along the back?

Root Riot- Network Planning Meeting, Sunday evening , June 13th
On Sunday night June 13th we have set up a meeting at the Root Riot Network level. As you know, we have multiple gardens and we are trying to coordinate planning at the network level so all can reap the benefits.  One of the things we really are committed to is sharing knowledge and ideas through all of the gardens that are and will come to be part of the network. This meeting is also going to be a chance for you to personally meet people engaged in the same kind of endeavors at other locations. If you are interested in volunteering at the network level please let me know, you can call me at 847.812.6958 or email at

Remaining beds that have not been planted
If your bed has not been planted yet you don’t want to wait much longer.  Keep in mind that we have lots of links to educational resources including people at the website. If you are looking for some direct support, we have a number of experienced gardeners on our team who can assist you. All you need to is ask.

Two more articles came out this week about Root Riot
The wider community is very interested in what we are doing. There have now been a total of 6 articles about Root Riot and the associated gardens.  You want to know that your participation in this project has sparked the imagination of a lot of people around the West Side and Oak Park.   Please keep on sharing with and inspiring people about what we are doing!!!

Wednesday Journal in Oak Park about our education efforts.
Austin Talks featuring the students

Thanks to all the Root Riot Regulars!
So may people have been working on this garden that there are plenty of “Thank you’s” to go around. We would  like to thank Peter Jaffe-Notier and Julie Samuels for each doing such a nice job on the “Getting Started”  educational talk they each gave. We would also like to thank Ginger for her contribution and maintenance of the Native plants in the front planters. Once they get established they will help strengthen the ecology of the garden. Also, though it seems like a log time ago, we should all thank the folks at the Oak Park Conservatory for donating the plants to get us started!

Keep on Root-Rioting and see you in the garden,

Amy Beltemacchi

Root-Riot: A rhizomatically spread network of community gardens, creating community, fostering friends, growing local food, one planting bed at a time.


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  1. Hi. I randomly found your blog and found this article to be very well written and a fair review. I have now added your blog to my feed burner account so will be kept up to date with your new articles on cane furniture and various other types of indoor furniture – I’ll be back! Thanks, David

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