First time Gardners session was a success!

Many thanks to Julie Samuels of Openlands, for the first Root-Riot:Harambee ‘New Gardeners’ education session.

Among other things she covered a rang of topics including:

  • Water the soil, not the plants
    The plants take the water from the soil. Soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and watering plants at the roots help the plants grow stronger.  Water on the leaves usually makes the plant unhappy. Keep the water in the soil.
  • Enrich the soil, invite the bugs in
    Bugs in the soil help our plants to be healthy, adding compost, and natural fertilizer such as worm compost, or compost tea build up the soil naturally.
  • We don’t need chemical fertilizer, we need compost!
    (We have designated compost areas in all the Root-Riot Gardens. Be sure to use them)
  • Native plants help our garden
    Every bit counts when it comes to native plants.  These native plants thrive in our growing condition, use less water and compost to stay healthy, and are welcoming homes for  beautiful moths and butterflies.

Julie also did a hands-on demonstration of measuring and planning a ‘square-foot’  bed.

Here is the web site she recommended, and one of the key books. We will update the resource page with this info as well.

This Jeavons book may be a good book to read as a group over the winter. If a Root-Riot Regular is interested in putting a book-club session together, let us know.  It could be a start of something great!


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