Wed, May 26th: Plant Give-A-Way

Need a Plant boost to get you started?

Here at Root-Riot we recognize that a lot of folks are getting involved and trying thing they haven’t done before, such as, well…. planting plants! To help you get started, we are offering up to 6 free vegetable and/or herb plants to the current Root-Riot members.

  • Who: This is for both the Root-Riot: Madison Street folks as well as the Root-Riot: Harambee folks
  • What: Free plants, donated by the Oak Park Conservatory* and Other Root-Riot supporters in the area.
  • When:
    • From 4:00 to 8:00 for the plant give-a-way
    • At 7:00 p.m. For the beginning gardener talk, offered by Peter Jaffe-Notier.
      Many of the folks who have been working on the Root-Riot: Madison Street lot will recognize Pete has one of the volunteers over that last few weekends. He is also an experienced gardener and will share his thought on what it takes to get started.
  • Where: Stop over to the Root-Riot: Madison Street lot (Almost on the north-west corner of Madison and Grove)

Not a root-riot member yet? This would be the perfect time to stop over and sign up and become a newly *minted* member of the Root-Riot team. We will have registration forms for both sites. Please stop on by, introduce yourself, and check out what we have done with the place.

* The Oak Park Conservatory has graciously donated the plants. These are remainders from the highly regarded Oak Park Conservatory plant sale earlier in the month. We have quite a selection of mostly veggie plants, with some other herb and decorative plants as well. Also, please be aware that there seems to be a very large selection of mint!


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