Garden Locations

Root-Riot: Madison is filled.
(838 W. Madison. Oak Park, IL)   Wait list names are being accepted for future growing seasons at
Root-Riot: Harambee is filled.
(500 N. Waller. Chicago, IL)
Wait list names are being accepted for spring 2012. Write

Located almost on the northwest corner of Madison and Grove in Oak Park, this site will have approximately 45 4′ x 8′ plots available for one growing season rental. As this lot is being loaned to us for the year, we can’t guarantee the lot for more than a year, but we can hope that we will have it for multiple growing seasons.

Located at the corner or Race and Waller in Chicago, this lot is ajoined by The Chicago Fire Department, St. Martins Episcopal Church, St. John Church and Fredrick Douglas Academy.This lot has been leased for 3 years. Details to follow.To learn more about renting a lot Root-Riot:Harambee …. more>…..

One thought on “Garden Locations

  1. I would like to join Root-Riot by making my vacant property in the Garfield Park area (2500 sq. ft) available as a Root-Riot location (for youth) for the 2012 season;looking forward to hearing from you. Gina Jamison (“To Touch A Life”).

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